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I’ve been using Dreamweaver since 2002. I don’t remember exactly if they were still part of Macromedia back then, but Adobe has kept me interested since.

With the release of the Creative Cloud, it’s been a slow transition for both developers and users to get used to having our Operating Systems, Applications, and Browser, working perfect and  in sync.

Dreamweaver CC started giving me some problems when I foolishly decided to let it sync my Site settings. That created a mess within my development environment, and I wasn’t a happy camper.

The following error was not caused by the syncing of Dreamweaver settings, but it was due to another program overwriting Dreamweaver’s document handling.

I started getting an error when I opened Dreamweaver CC / Dreamweaver CC 2014, and it said:

"No document types have been found in the Configuration/DocumentTypes/ folder.
The MMdocumenttypes.xml file may be missing or corrupt. The application will now exit"

To fix that in Windows 8/8.1 you can do the following

Make sure that Dreamweaver is not running.

Go to:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014\configuration\DocumentTypes\

 and copy the “MMDocumentTypes.xml” file.

and paste it in this folder:

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe Dreamweaver CC\en_US\Configuration\DocumentTypes

which will overwrite the file causing the issue.

This basically copies the original MMDocumentTypes.xml Dreamweaver’s install has, instead of using the one being copied by Windows’ roaming profile.

No more errors = PROFIT.




  1. Thank you. Thank you so much for this page.

    Even though I’m running an iMac with the latest OS, I was able to use your instructions to FINALLY get my CS5 DreamWeaver working. You have no idea how many hours I’ve spent going through forums and trying all the suggestions to get this to work.

    Thank you.

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