Wallpapers Pack: Abstract & 3D Fractals

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Around 2009 I started to play around with 3D Software other than Maya. I dropped out halfway through my Computer Animation degree, and I always found 3D Computer Graphics very useful because of  the potential power you can use it: create anything you want. From hyper realistic films, to animated features.

In my case, I took a more random and procedural approach to see what happened.  So this is the result! What started as a hobby, led me in a surprising path I’ve taken as a person. It was meant to be just for fun, and still is of course. But In 2011, an editor for 3DArtist Magazine contacted me through deviantArt after she came across “Soma Collapse” and asked me if I was interested to do an article on how I made these images. And that was it. Just reading that, transformed my skill set as a creative professional ($$$ with a Mouse and a Wacom Pen) and it propelled me to push further, not just as a designer, but as an artist, a technical one.

So here is a compilation of 18 images that can be used as wallpapers, backgrounds, or however you see fit. For presentations, or websites, having a small credit is more than enough.









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