Alchemy: Nigredo Threshold

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In alchemy, nigredo, or blackness, means putrefaction or decomposition. The alchemists believed that as a first step in the pathway to the philosopher’s stone all alchemical ingredients had to be cleansed and cooked extensively to a uniform black matter.

In analytical psychology, the term became a metaphor ‘for the dark night of the soul, when an individual confronts the shadow within’.

Source: Wikipedia

“Nigredo Threshold” is the first part of the”Alchemy” series. At the beginning of 2013, I started reading about alchemy. To me alchemy had always been this obscure, silly pseudo-science that used rudimentary chemistry with the hopes of achieving its main goal: turning anything into gold. I was wrong.

My assumption wasn’t completely in error though. As the years have passed, my living experience and perspective has gradually broken out from the confines of a materialistic, “left-brained” mode thinking: that we are all random by-products of the chaotic universe. And this constant re-thinking, searching, and skepticism of absolutes, is what led me to alchemy.

Alchemy’s purpose remains the same: to turn “something” into gold. And that something, is YOU.

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