A student of everything. I have to know how things work. Since the late 80’s as I saved the princess from Bowser’s cauldrons, and before wikipedia, I studied Encyclopedias, and became immersed and astonished with all the knowledge humanity had gathered in thousands of years. Along with it, I loved drawing and painting, but I was terrible at it. Failed in competitions. Even in college I had teachers tell me that I wasn’t good enough to be doing it.

Those failures, and nonconstructive criticisms weren’t an obstacle. When I got my first computer in 1996, and I found it to be the perfect tool: it satisfied my hunger to solve problems, and I can create “stuff” with it. It made sense. It did what I told it to do.


By the late 1990s I was sending the computer to the repair, one too many times, so I told myself that I would learn everything about it. I taught myself how the machine worked…  got my first job by the time I was 16 at a  computer store, building them, and learning Photoshop by watching a student of graphic design use it, and that was the beginning of developing my creative process. By 2004 I was selling web development services. By 2008 I was learning 3D Software, the most impactful and inspiring medium for me.

My work ethic is simple: functionality (purpose), quality (composition, color, lighting) and delivery (the message, moraleja). It consumes me, I give it my all….  I apply it to everything I do. From work, to my everyday interactions with everything and everyone.  A calculated form of living, which helps me transmit all the feelings I’m unable to express to the ones I care about and strangers, but I can, through my works.

So what do I do with all this? If you’re a “jack of all trades”, be a master of putting all those trades together.